What We Do

Themed Publications has established itself as the cornerstone company for producing project-specific publications. Our content creators, authors, and artists bring years of experience from the themed entertainment, aerospace, medical device, and information technology industries making it possible for us to serve a nearly endless range of projects and clients. We also work directly with teams and individuals in such areas as establishing a common corporate voice, moving to new communication technologies and methods, as well as authoring white papers and biographies for companies and their executive leadership.
With offices and partners around the globe, Themed Publications helps people and organizations communicate. Every authored work is ready for print, web, tablet, and mobile use. We invite you to explore the following summary that provides a snapshot of who we are and what we do.
Themed Publications
doing more…because we can™

Themed Entertainment

Our Core Business

We partner with our exclusive Clients to produce effectual publications for this unique and demanding industry. Our team creates operator and service manuals, historical documentation, marketing materials, and many other project-specific documents for…

  • Theme Parks
  • Water Features
  • Location-Based Entertainment
  • Water Parks
  • Live Shows
  • Interactive Experiences

Learn and Grow

Making You… and Your Team… Better

We offer a diverse range of keynote, seminar, training, and coaching products for companies and high-level executives. Our purpose and guarantee is to enable entities to gain a “common voice” that is repeatable within the spirit of your brand. A sampling of our course titles is included below:

  • Common Voice — bringing teams and stakeholders together to communicate your core vision
  • ExecutiveVoice™
  • How to Write Right™
  • Tribal Talk — What if the tribal leader dies or wins the lottery?


Writing and Editorial Services

We bring YOUR story to life…
Our California-founded and based team has both the technical skills and the creative storytelling techniques to communicate the vision, direction, and history of companies and executives.
Our “right brain/left brain” approach will make you and your company communicate confidence and authority via:

  • White Papers
  • eBooks
  • Ghostwriting
  • Biographies
  • The Making of…


Not Just an Entertainment Company

Themed Publications is more than an entertainment company. Our content creators, artists, and authors bring expertise derived from years of experience in such industries as:

  • Aerospace and Aviation
  • Medical Equipment and Devices
  • Information Technology
  • Small Business Partnerships

Please give us the opportunity to see how we can help you communicate your ideas, brand, and processes.